Hotel Restaurant Mosca

Hotel Mosca is near the Royal Villa and the Monza Park, after a recent restoration visitors can book
even bigger and more confortable bedrooms. There is also a pizzeria restaurant where everybody is wellcome.
Places of interest to Monza:
Villa Reale MonzaVilla Reale:

The Royal Villa was built in 1777 from Piermarini’s drawings
it is surrounded by 40 ectars of English and Italian garden.

Villa Reale MonzaThe Park:

The Monza Park is one of the biggest European parks and it is the biggest park surrounded by walls. It was born around the first years of 1800 thanks to the King’s will of making both the Villa and the gardens bigger because he wanted to have a hunting place for himself.



Villa Reale MonzaAutomobile race track:

IThe Autodrome was built in 1922 in only 100 days and it is within the Park
and the most important racing competitions take place there.

  • Italian
  • English

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